Making the Earth Secure For

Earthsecure produces TV programs that inform and empower people to "secure the Earth" for future generations using television to entertain and spur global action, finding new ways to use mass media to gather our voices and make them heard. Earthsecure supports the work of people and projects "on the ground." Global citizens today have the "smarts and heart" to remake the world.

In a series of historic worldwide broadcasts of its show, ONE CHILD–ONE VOICE, Earthsecure adopted the Tree of Life project. The Tree spread its leaves to the sun at the two U.N. Earth Summits in 1992 and 2002, and is springing up around the world as a living, growing metaphor for the hopes of people everywhere.

New projects are currently in development. We value your support.



"One Child, One Voice," A compelling plea by five children from five continents to protect our planet has now been broadcast around the world eight times. This award winning show has been seen by millions of people in 150 countries, who responded by sending their leaves to the Tree of Life.  The show is a pioneering use of television, inspiring people to speak out and take visible action on behalf of the Earth. It continues to be shown all over the world.