Barbara Pyle

Barbara was executive producer of "One Child, One Voice."

In 1997, she was the first member of the media to receive  the U.N. Environment Programme's Sasakawa Environment Prize. In 1988, she was named one of the first United Nations GLOBAL 500 Laureates. Both awards were for outstanding achievements in protecting the global environment.

Barbara joined Ted Turner's TBS in 1980. Her goal was to make critical global issues understandable to the widest audience.  To that end, she has produced more than fifty films, winning over a hundred awards. She also served as CNN's Environment Editor and created Earth Matters, CNN's weekly environmental news program. In 1990, she created "Captain Planet and the Planeteers," the world' s first animated eco-cartoon for children, seen in over one hundred countries. She founded and directed the Captain Planet Foundation, which provides grants for hands-on eco projects involving children. Current projects include People Count, a documentary series on remarkable people leading the way to create a better future. For a complete listing of Barbara’s award winning films please visit