earth secure

If you were to ask the average person what he or she wanted, it would be simple: A peaceful green world for their children to inherit. A decent living, affordable housing, and good health care.  Clean water and nourishing food. Freedom to speak their own truth, to have basic justice, and to live their lives as they see fit without fear.

As the world appears to be an ever more dangerous place, security is on everyone's lips. But if we really want this safe, prosperous, and healthy world, clearly we must re-commit the creativity and wealth of nations to fostering  peace, and to clean, green economies that put people ahead. Real security is "securing the Earth" for today's children and their children.

The task is before us: preserving rainforests and their irreplaceable biodiversity; halting global warming; developing renewable energy sources and reducing pollution; safeguarding precious sources of clean drinking water; protecting farmlands from degradation; making education and health care available to everyone; curbing the global arms trade, pulling up conflict by its roots and nurturing seeds of peace; and harnessing the power of markets to an equally powerful commitment to social good.

From the news, the idea of "sustainability" can seem an impossible dream.  Beneath the headlines, millions of people around the world, in countless social organizations, schools, businesses, places of worship, and governments are joining hands to make it so. We have seen throughout history that if enough people share the same dream, it cannot help but become a reality.

We invite you to join us in dreaming this great dream and in preserving the natural world for future generations.