Key Issues

Help Secure the Earth by making your voice heard on these key issues:

WATER:  Give clean drinking water and sanitation to the billions of people who still do not have it.

ENERGY:  Promote clean, renewable energy from the sun and the wind, and provide it for the two billion people who still do not have access to this resource. Approve treaties on climate change. Reduce wasteful consumerism.

HEALTH: Deal with the effects of toxic waste; cut down on air pollution, which kills three million people each year; prevent disease by cleaning up the water supply.

AGRICULTURE: Work to restore ruined land, and reverse the degradation now affecting two-thirds of the world's farmlands.

BIODIVERSITY: Protect and preserve life's stunning variety by reversing practices that have destroyed half of the world's tropical rainforests and mangroves, and most of the world's coral reefs and fisheries.

POPULATION GROWTH:  Give options to the 500 million women worldwide that do not have access to family planning methods. One billion people are added to the human family every 11 years.

POVERTY:  Eradicate the imbalance on the planet.

HUMAN RIGHTS:  Create equity for all.