One Child One Voice

ONE CHILD ONE VOICE, inspires people around the world to act to preserve the global environment. Its mission includes presenting information about the global environment to children and their parents across many cultures; drawing international attention to the 1992 and 2002 U.N. Earth Summits in Rio and Johannesburg; and empowering viewers to make their voices heard through the Tree of Life campaign.

The show uses universal symbols: children representing various continents, making an emotional call to preserve the future; and a runaway amusement park to symbolize the threat posed by a heedless industrial society. Children act as emissaries for the Earth, knowing their appeal would transcend ethnicity, religion, culture, nationality, or politics. For it is children who see with fresh eyes, who ask the tough questions about the world they will inherit; children who, with their instinctive love of nature and innate sense of fairness, give unhesitating voice to the hope we could all share a green, healthy, and peaceful world.

The image of an amusement park is understood in every country, and is used to symbolize a careening civilization - consuming finite resources and spewing out effluents, making little commitment to the wellbeing of future generations. ONE CHILD ONE VOICE is a hard-hitting, yet heartfelt portrayal of our collective predicament.

The Earth Summits, whose goals the show celebrates, are firm steps toward a new global stewardship---one based on an awareness that we share a single, interconnected planet, that our human desire for "more" must be tempered with "enough."

The story of ONE CHILD ONE VOICE goes on as it continues to engage people to get involved in preserving our environment for future generations, adding leaves to the ever growing and evergreen Tree of Life.